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Currently booking for 2023!

If you are interested, please click on the Book Me button below.


A market-friendly illustration for your book cover, carefully designed to attract viewer's attention and fit your story. 

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Fantasy Book cover featuring beautiful brunette with starry dress.jpg

550 EUR eBook Cover

  • eBook Custom Cover featuring a detailed illustration, one fully customized character and highly photo manipulated background

  • separate title

  • blank artwork for advertising


100 EUR Paperback 

  • Can be added at any time;​​​​​

  • Any additional paperback conversion is an extra 50 EUR;

  • Hardback/ Full Wrap -  150 EUR;

  • If you use another publisher (other than Amazon), such as Lulu, IngramSpark or others, the client is responsible to download a template and email it to me. ​


  • Audiobook Conversion - 70 EUR

  • Vellum Cover Conversion - 70 EUR

  • Blank Cover + Separate text - 75 EUR

  • Additional characters - 100 EUR

  • Interreacting couples - 85 EUR

  • Small Animals and creatures 30-100 EUR

  • Any creature larger than a wolf 100+ EUR

  • Social Media Banner - 25 EUR

  • 3D Mockup - 15 EUR

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